Early Morning Dreams

Early morning dreams

X-Men: Destiny PS3
10.06.2017 11:16

Silicon Knights was a game developer that not so long ago was on the top of the list of brilliant game designs. Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid, and the like were games that were nothing short of brilliant. Careful attention was given to minute detail making their games a real fan fare to play and the storylines were riveting.


Unfortunately, their last few releases have been poor and shoddy development, with shoddy stories that don't make much sense. X-Men: Destiny is a perfect example of a boring uninteresting combat game with lame missions. The storyline follows after the death of Charles Xavier. Some of the other characters are, Grant Alexander, Aimi Yoshida, Adrian Luca. You battle anti-mutant enemies through many levels of mayhem. Regardless of which mission you choose, the game structure will remain the same, with a small deviation from the narrator. Cyclops, Wolverine, and Magneto all feature in the game so X-men fans will find it rather interesting. The players can change the storyline according to their actions and conversations.


The developer included Challenge Arenas to break the boredom, but alas, you will be fighting the same group of enemies that you encountered in the missions. You will be required to kill off a 100 enemies before times runs out, or kill more enemies than some of your friends. But this doesn't make the game any more fun. In reality you are still killing off mobs, and the same ones for that matter. For more details go to my blog.


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