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Early morning dreams

Warcraft 3 Cheats and Hidden Codes
02.01.2018 11:22

Online games are the most played games on the history. Games as World of Warcraft, Warcraft 3, Counter Strike, etc. needs a lot of experience and a lot of skills. The use of hacks, bots, tools, tutorials and a lot of tips, its a must nowadays for all game players. Most of them are used by millions of users that are aiming to get more skills, more level, more gold, more fame, popularity etc... But how come some players have those high stats with a lot of gold and a lot of level in just some weeks?

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Its a question for all players out there, and must be answered in the following lines. Most of those players, don't play "fair". There is such things called 3rd party tools that helps out a player to gain the most skills, levels, etc in a record time. Its not a program that plays and wins for you. Its just a tool, cheat, hack or bot that gives the player an advantage of 20-30% compared with a normal player that doesn't use such things. If you are enough clever and skilled enough, you can win easier a match using those called "cheats, hacks". If a new player, that never played a specific game on his life, and he wants to use those 3rd party tools.

Cheats, hacks, bots and tools are made just to help a bit those players that already have experience and skills on playing games, knowing almost all maps, and every tips possible. Cheats, hacks, bots and tools wont help a new player on his matches, it will only confuse him. Its tested and demonstrated.

So if you think that you are a good player and want to join a good community, based on developing, programming, webmasters, etc. I recommend you to inform yourself first before joining them. Internet is a resource of easy finding all kinds of programs for games that are not developed by the owner itself.

Discussion, sharing, and making maps, developing things with people that know programming can be very amusement but can also be very dangerous as many of them may hack down your game's accounts for other purposes. Observe before playing or being friends of them, cause you may find good programmers and the bad ones.


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